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The process depends on whether you're in need of investment planning or comprehensive planning.

Investment planning generally entails an initial fact finding meeting and a second meeting in which I propose the recommendations. The process for comprehensive planning which also includes investment planning is described below.

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Free Initial Meeting

I start with a free get acquainted and basic fact finding meeting.

02 |

Data Gathering & Initial Plan Building

You’ll receive a questionnaire that also lists the statements that I need to build your case. After receiving your data, I’ll program the case and get a sense of where you are prior to our first meeting.

03 |

First meeting

During this meeting we’ll develop a list of financial scenarios that you’d like analyzed or I think needs to be evaluated based on my initial observations. You can also think of these as financial goals. For example, a young family may want to know how much house they can afford and send their kids to private college while staying on track for retirement. Each of these (house, college and retirement ages) are variables that can be changed to see the impact on the overall plan.

04 |


I’ll spend time analyzing scenarios and writing your report.

05 |

Second meeting

I’ll present my findings and recommendations. These findings are generally described as the probability that a particular scenario will be successful over your lifetime. We can also try other “what if” scenarios during this meeting. A specific investment portfolio will also be recommended if within the scope of the case.

06 |


This generally involves buying and selling investments in accordance with the recommended portfolio. While I don't manage or take custody of money, I can help you through the necessary transactions.

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Annual or biennial follow up as needed to ensure you are track to meet your goals.

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