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Comprehensive Financial Planning

A comprehensive financial plan involves the detailed review, modeling, analysis and optimization of all facets of your financial situation including:     


   ●  Investments

   ●  Retirement planning

   ●  Saving for college

   ●  Insurance

   ●  Cash flow analysis

   ●  Taxes

   ●  Estate planning


A comprehensive financial plan ensures that interrelated areas of your financial life are not overlooked. For example, perhaps you’ve amassed a sizable investment portfolio which is unknowingly at risk because you carry insufficient life, liability or disability insurance

We charge an hourly rate of $225 ($180 for military) for all services.  We will always provide you with a cost estimate in advance.

Hourly engagements

We offer Hourly Engagements to help you regardless of the complexity or simplicity of your situation
on an "as-needed" basis... like a lawyer, or an accountant.
Maybe you just have one or two specific questions that you need answered.  Or maybe you have a very complex situation that needs special analysis and review.
If that's the case, we'll work with you to come up with an engagement tailored to meet your needs.   We will provide you with a cost estimate in advance.

Here are a few examples of questions that might be handled best with an hourly engagement:

   ●  "Sanity Check" or Second Opinion ... "Am I missing anything?"
   ●  Are my investment choices optimal?
   ●  Which investment options should I choose in my 401k?
   ●  Should I choose my employers traditional or Roth 401k?
   ●  Are my investments structured in a tax efficient manner?
   ●  How can we work down our debt?  Should we pay down our mortgage?
   ●  Does this annuity meet my needs?
   ●  How do I save for my children’s education?
   ●  Do I still need this life insurance policy now that my children have grown up? 
   ●  What can be done with an unneeded life insurance policy?
   ●  Should I buy long term care insurance?
   ●  Should I take my pension in lump sum?
   ●  I just need someone to sit down and explain this... (you fill in the blank)... to me.