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While we are comfortable in all areas of personal finance, we specialize in these areas at an hourly rate of $225.

Retirement planning. We also call this a retirement feasibility analysis. This analysis determines how soon you can retire and maintain your accustomed standard of living. It also provides recommendations in the following areas:     


   ●  Optimal Social Security claim age

   ●  Determination of whether existing life insurance is still needed

   ●  Whether a Roth conversion would be beneficial

   ●  Investments


This generally averages eleven hours ($2475) and consists of two meetings and eight hours of analyzing, running market simulations (Monte Carlo) and writing the report. More time may be needed if you have rental properties or variable annuities which are very difficult and time consuming to analyze.

You can review a sample retirement plan here. An investment plan (see below) is also included in this price.

Comprehensive financial planning for younger families.   Areas analyzed generally include: 

   ●  Whether you are on track for retirement
   ●  College funding
   ●  Life and disability insurance needs
   ●  Investments
   ●  How much house you can afford and still fund college and retirement (a common question)

Comprehensive planning generally averages fifteen hours ($3375).

You can review a sample comprehensive plan here. An investment plan (see below) is also included in this price.

Low cost, tax efficient investment planning.   This involves efficient asset allocation and location using low cost index funds to the extent possible.

Asset allocation involves mixing investments to maximize return for an appropriate level of risk.

There’s a strong inverse relationship between investment returns and their cost. This is true in theory and fact. The saying “You get what you pay for” doesn’t apply here. Rather you get what you don’t pay for: market returns minus the cost of being in the market. The solution is to create the investment plan using low cost index funds which are also tax efficient due to their construction.

Next, different investments are subject to different tax rules. Also, different types of accounts (IRA, 401k, Roth, taxable non-retirement account) have different tax treatment. Asset location involves placing the correct investment in the correct account type of account in order to minimize taxes.

Investment planning usually runs less than three hours ($675). Though, it can be more if variable annuities are involved or you have a non retirement account with multiple positions that have embedded capital gains.

You can review a sample investment plan here.